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Why do athletes and amateur bodybuilders like Oxymetholone?
- Nov 20, 2020 -

In the first three weeks of using oral anabolic steroids, you will find considerable gains. After 3 to 4 weeks, the effects will usually stabilize;

For bodybuilders with a certain period of experience, it is recommended to use about 100mg per day (containing the active ingredient of Oxymetholone, about 2 tablets). Although it is not uncommon for the dosage to be as high as 150mg/day, it is completely unnecessary in terms of benefits and risks;

If you are interested in increasing lean body mass, then consider 100mg/day (for beginners, you can start with 50mg/day). In addition, the one-time dosage should not exceed 6 weeks. In order to avoid side effects, please strictly follow the dosage.

After using Oxymetholone for about 4 weeks, its effect will slowly slow down or even disappear. At this time, we still recommend to continue using it for 1 to 2 weeks (not more than 6 weeks), because Oxymetholone can wait for other compounds to start In the case of official use, temporarily improve your ability.

It buys you time, allowing you to continue your training 100% and keep in good condition, instead of spending a few weeks or months to slowly adjust, you will add more in the pre-match cycle The muscle volume is due to Oxymetholone.

Moreover, when you only need 4-6 weeks to start a muscle gaining cycle, you don't need to buy a lot of drugs to expect the desired results.


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