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Which time is it more effective?
- May 25, 2017 -

Which time is it more effective?

Expert advice, do not immediately wake up after the wake up, to "bed" five minutes, then you can Roufu, knocking teeth, levator ani or as a comb as a comb "hair", and "psychological bath" to happy The mood to meet the new day. After the morning should drink a cup of boiling water (cold water or warm water), to dilute the blood viscosity, remove the body accumulation of toxins to play a "internal washing" role.

Morning exercise should be light, mild morning exercise can make people full of vitality, vibrant. Micro-sweat can only stop, so that will be effective. Do not eat in fasting or satiety morning exercises, before morning exercise can eat some food, such as bread, milk, eggs and fruit, eat until half full after the outdoor morning exercise. Some people after the morning and then go back to sleep, "back to sleep", so not only vulnerable to air pollution, but also make the biological clock caused by confusion, leading to fatigue, premature aging.

fog contains a large number of pathogens and pollutants. At the same time, it is not suitable in the vicinity of the factory, the roadside, crowded room morning exercises, because the serious pollution will be harmful to human health.