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What should you pay attention to in muscle training?
- Aug 03, 2017-

(1) muscle recovery period of 48 to 72 hours, so the muscle is not fully restored before continuing to exercise the same piece of muscle is no effect, on the contrary will affect the exercise effect. Generally in the big muscle exercise at the same time there is a small muscle involved in the movement, such a case, as long as the muscles involved in exercise the same day exercise effect is the best. The number of groups, the number of requirements, large muscle 3 to 4 groups, 6 ~ 10RM, 3 to 4 movements, small muscle 2 to 3 groups, 8 ~ 12RM, 2 to 3 movements. Large muscles include: chest, latissimus dorsi, abdominal muscles, legs. Early training should be appropriate to reduce the weight, increase the number.


(2) "RM" is the English "repetition maximum" acronym, the Chinese translation is "the maximum repeat value." Such as "6 ~ 12RM" is expressed by "up to repeat the weight of 6 to 12 times." Such as the training plan: dumbbell single-arm curl 3 to 4 groups, 6 ~ 8RM. Interpreted as: 10 kg dumbbells for single-arm bending practice, make every effort can only be continuous curvature of 6 times to 8 times for a group, so the weight, the number of consecutive three groups. Normal training each group interval can rest 60 to 90 seconds, which is 10 kg of the action 6 ~ 8RM weight, if the weight loss for fitness purposes, such action to reduce the weight, so that the number can reach 20 ~ 30RM. In the training plan is generally the expression of the provisions of the load varies from person to weight.


(3) in the bodybuilding exercise load intensity is a very important training factors, 1 to 4 times the main growth of absolute muscle strength and physical strength, 6 to 12 times the main growth of muscle circumference, 16 to 20 major developed small muscle groups and enhance Muscle line elasticity, more than 25 times mainly for reducing fat, enhance heart and lung function, fitness shaping and so on.


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