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What should you pay attention to before and after fitness?
- May 09, 2017 -

What should you pay attention to before and after fitness?

10 minutes before exercise: warm-up preparation

To ensure safety, usually in the fitness exercise before the first to do a warm-up exercise, warm-up exercise is the main purpose is to speed up the heartbeat slightly. The following are the same as the "

Can promote the body's blood circulation, muscle ligament and joint temperature rise, both to improve the joints and ligaments of the activities of the range and ability, but also reduce muscle viscosity, thereby enhancing the muscle contraction and stretching ability. This is to improve the quality of training, prevention of sports injuries indispensable key link.

10 minutes after exercise: stretch to relax

Stretch relaxation can prevent muscle strain, reduce muscle pain, accelerate the exclusion of lactic acid and other waste, rapid elimination of fatigue, promote the body to restore.

Relax in the form of jogging, sauna, swimming, stretching, massage and so on.