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What product should bodybuilders choose when they increase their difficulties?
- Oct 19, 2021 -

Mixed testosterone (Sustanon250) is the best choice for difficulty in gaining muscle:

As one of the most popular testosterone on the planet, mixed testosterone (Sustanon 250) has changed the rules of the game in the world of bodybuilding and testosterone therapy.

Most testosterone compounds are traditional monoester elements, but Sustanon 250 has unique properties. It is a mixture of four different esters (esters are carbon chains connected to testosterone molecules to slow down the release of hormones in the body).

Sustanon 250 has also quickly become a solution for bodybuilders and other athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enhance their overall performance.

Sustanon 250 can use a variety of different sizes of esters, but the use of small and large esters creates a unique problem: total testosterone levels rise, and then fall occasionally or unpredictably.

This unstable result is disastrous for athletes or bodybuilders. Therefore, the use of Sustanon 250 should control the injection interval to ensure that the testosterone levels of all four esters reach the "peak" at the same time, every Wednesday One injection can usually accomplish the desired goal, but one injection every other day will produce more reliable results.

It is generally well tolerated, is widely regarded as the best choice for the first cycle of steroid novices, and provides the perfect base compound for experienced bodybuilders when stacking multiple hormones together.

Although the results of use vary from person to person and depend on many other variables (personal genes, training basis, execution of diet and training, endurance and willpower), we can reasonably expect that testosterone will cause a significant increase in muscle mass and strength .

For people who are taking anabolic steroids for the first time and aiming to increase muscle mass, Sustanon 250 can increase body weight by 10-20 kg in one cycle, and after the cycle stops and hormone levels return to normal, it can maintain at least about half of the weight. Muscle mass.

Sustanon 250 is composed of four esters of different sizes. Different testosterone esters provide different half-lives. They need to be combined in a very precise way to produce the desired effect. As long as any one of the esters is imbalanced, Sustanon cannot be used. 250 advantage.


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