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What need attention when fitness?
- Jun 06, 2017 -

1, the amount of training

Basically, the novice can arrange 30 minutes of exercise time.Not more time.

2, nutrition and steroid

When you are start to exercise.You need to take nutrition,to diet.to lose weight more fast.But the steroid also is very helpful,such as testosterone enanthate,trenbolone acetate,hgh,hcg and dianabol.

3, the frequency of exercise

Aerobic exercise week is best to arrange 5 days of fitness, another 2 days rest, and will be separated for two days apart. Higher strength strength training 3-4 days per week is enough, give the body plenty of rest time.

4, training intensity

Should proceed from their own physical strength, careful control of training intensity, within our capabilities.

5, movement mode

According to your own training objectives as a benchmark, for example, want to lose weight should be based on aerobic exercise, content can include treadmills, climbing machines, aerobics, and a variety of aerobics classes.