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What is the weight loss cycle of Oxandrolone?
- Mar 28, 2022-

Production Introduction

The use time of Oxandrolone(Anavar) CAS:53-39-4 is the best during the fat reduction period, and it can also maximize the effect of Oxandrolone. Due to its strong anabolic capacity, Oxandrolone is one of the best solids for muscle preservation during fat loss, and it can increase muscle firmness. The key to successful fat loss is to consume fat while maximizing muscle preservation, which is why you need Oxandrolone during the fat loss phase. Oxandrolone can increase the metabolic rate in the body while directly causing fat loss. This allows users to achieve better muscle separation after fat loss. This will make your blood vessels clearer and your muscles firmer. Of course it's exciting haha Although Oxandrolone is not as effective as Trenbolone, it's not bad compared to most DHT steroids like Droasterone.

For male bodybuilders or extreme bodybuilders on a fat-reducing cycle, a daily dose of 20-30mg will be effective, but 40-50mg is more effective and has no side effects. 80 mg per day is close to a dangerous dose, which can cause side effects. You can of course continue to increase the dosage (if you are not afraid of bursting your liver), but the risk of side effects will gradually increase. It should be noted that if you use it as a bodybuilding enthusiast, 20 mg-30 mg of Oxandrolone can have a good effect every day, but if you want to do bodybuilding, the accompanying dose must be increased.

The male Oxandrolone cycle is about 4-8 weeks. For many users, the most effective way is to switch to another injectable or oral steroid after 4-8 weeks of use of Oxandrolone.


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The cycle for women to use Oxandrolone is about 3-6 weeks. It's important to note that women's bodies are more sensitive than men's, so you don't need to use such a large dose to achieve good results. The usual dosage for women is 5 mg per day to 20 mg per day.

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