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What is the role of clenbuterol hydrochloride?
- Aug 14, 2019 -

Clenbuterol is a β2 receptor agonist and belongs to the class of adrenergic drugs. The trade names are "ammonium" and "kechuansu". In the early 1980s, a company in the United States unexpectedly discovered that clenbuterol promoted animal growth and increased lean meat rate. It can change the metabolic pathways in animals, promote the synthesis of proteins in muscles, especially skeletal muscles, inhibit the synthesis of fat, thereby accelerating the growth rate, relatively increasing lean meat, and improving carcass quality. This new discovery was quickly used in aquaculture by some countries. After the addition of clenbuterol to the feed, the growth rate, feed conversion rate, and carcass lean rate of pigs and other livestock increased by more than 10%. Luntro's trade name as a feed additive is also known as "clenbuterol" and "meat".


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