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What is the principle of muscle growth?
- Jun 08, 2017-

Through the weight of the training of muscle tissue damage, and then through the protein to repair these muscles, in the process of damage and repair, the muscles will grow up slowly. "And the market a lot of fitness magazines or books, more or less will be mentioned after the fitness to add" protein ", but when asked to add? The addition of protein is definitely half an hour after training, preferably with a quick absorption of carbohydrates. Because the training of the body as dry sponge sponge, need to absorb a variety of nutrients to add, if the muscle growth at this time the two key elements: protein and carbohydrates in place in time, the muscles will immediately stop because of training and decomposition Of the state, turn into the state of synthetic muscle tissue. It is recommended to drink a little before going to bed (slowly absorbed), sleep is the best time to muscle growth, so the bed before the supplement is very good, but in general do not exceed the amount required a day. Once the muscle grows, it starts to metabolize, and when you rest, it consumes more energy (calories) than fat. You have more muscle, in your daily activities in the process, can more effectively burn more fat.


If there is no effect on the basis of the above or you pursue higher, we recommend that you use some auxiliary drugs, such as steroids, testosterone, hgh and so on. They can make you faster to achieve your goal. If you need to please us.

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