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What is the principle of muscle growth?
- May 19, 2017-

The body's muscles are composed of muscle fibers, the number of muscle fibers, four or five months after birth to settle down, and then no longer increase. To muscle increase will be through the exercise of the original muscle fiber thickening, in the course of exercise, muscle fibers will be severely damaged, then we need to add a lot of protein to repair damaged muscles, when the broken muscle fibers completely After healing the muscles will become thicker.

Second, the muscle contains myoglobin, which is the place where oxygen is stored, and the muscles are greatly increased by the exercise of myoglobin, so that the oxygen required for muscle activity is replenished. There are only 30-270 capillaries open on the cross section of the muscle per square millimeter, and the rest are in the closed state, with up to 2000-3000 capillaries open during exercise. If after a long period of exercise, the muscles of these open capillaries will be greatly increased, coupled with thickening of muscle fibers, so that the muscles are more plentiful.


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