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What is the effect of hgh on muscle gain and fat loss?
- Aug 15, 2022 -

What is the effect of hgh on muscle gain and fat loss?

1. Increase lean muscle mass:

hgh is through the action of insulin-like growth factor type 1 IGF-1, which can promote the absorption of amino acids by muscle cells, promote the synthesis of cellular DNA and RNA, promote the absorption of extracellular proteins, and increase the storage of carbohydrates and nitrogen elements.

2.hgh can lose weight and remove fat.

(1) hgh can promote the burning of body fat, and then convert it into the energy needed by the body.

(2) All cells in the body have hormone receptors. When HGH engages with the receptors of fat cells, a series of enzymatic reactions occur, causing fat cells to be metabolized by the new city. This effect is called lipolysis.

(3) HGH and insulin have an antagonistic effect. Insulin can promote the absorption of fat, sugar and amino acids by cells—called fat synthesis, while the effect of hgh is antagonistic, so it can prevent the accumulation of fat in the body. hgh is currently the most effective weight loss drug known.

3.hgh can strengthen the body's immune system:

As the human body grows older, the immune and anti-epidemic function of the disease will also decline, which is mainly due to the decline of the body's first resistance and immunity, sleep and age. hgh can restore the shrinking thymus to its original size, while allowing the body to make more T cells, more new antibodies, more red blood cells, white blood cells and natural killer cells to fight disease and cancer.



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