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What is Testosterone undecanoate used to treat?
- Sep 19, 2022 -

Testosterone undecanoate is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) medication that is used mainly in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men. which includes hormone therapy for transgender men. It is taken by mouth or given by injection into muscle.

Testosterone Undecanoate is the undecanoate ester form of the androgen testosterone, with gonadotropin-secretory inhibiting and hormone replacement activity. As testosterone inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins from the pituitary gland, administration of testosterone decreases the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH). By inhibiting LH secretion, the growth of Leydig cells, which are normally stimulated by LH to produce testosterone, may be suppressed. In addition, this agent promotes the maintenance of male sex characteristics and can be used for testosterone replacement in hypogonadal males.

Testosterone undecanoate is a prodrug of testos-terone esterified in the 17b-position with undecanoic acid. Following oral administration, thisprodrug is metabolized only partly in the intestinal wall, and the remaining fraction of testosterone undecanoate is absorbed via the lymphatic system, and hence, avoids first pass hepatic metabolism. After reaching the systemic circulation, testosterone undecanoate rapidly converts to free testosterone. The absolute bioavailability of testosterone following oral administration of testosterone undecanoate is estimated to be 7%. Recent studies in lymph duct cannulated dogs revealed that all of the testosterone undecanoate absorbed into the systemic circulation is due to lymphatic absorption of the prodrug, and more than 80% of the free testosterone in the plasma is contributed by systemic hydrolysis of the lymphatically transported prodrug.

Side effects of testosterone undecanoate include symptoms of masculinization like acne, increased hair growth, voice changes, hypertension, elevated liver enzymes, hypertriglyceridemia, and increased sexual desire. The drug is a prodrug of testosterone, the biological ligand of the androgen receptor (AR) and hence is an androgen and anabolic steroid. It has strong androgenic effects and moderate anabolic effects, which make it useful for producing masculinization and suitable for androgen replacement therapy. Testosterone undecanoate is a testosterone ester and a prodrug of testosterone in the body. Because of this, it is considered to be a natural and bioidentical form of testosterone.


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