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What is human growth hormone?
- Jun 14, 2019 -

Production Introduction

What is human growth hormone?

Growth hormone, also known as human growth hormone(usually used in the treatment of dwarfism), has anabolic effects that can increase muscle mass, promote bone growth in childhood and adolescence, strengthen tendons and enlarge internal organs. The athletes use growth hormone mainly to strengthen the muscles and increase the strength. It can resist the aging of various organs of the body, eliminate the sub-health state, provide the energy chain for the body to restore youth, improve the sensitivity and cell vitality of the central nerve endings, and inhibit the body. Organ aging can fully adjust the body to a young state. It can effectively improve the physiological premature aging caused by the decline of HGH, deepen sleep regulation, improve fatigue, face gloss, rosy, hair loss, abdominal fat reduction, immunity After using a course of treatment, the physiological functions of various tissues and organs of the whole body are restored to the level of 5 years ago, which fundamentally plays a role in life health and delays the excellent effects of aging.


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