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What does testosterone have to do with fitness?
- Dec 17, 2021-

Testosterone (also known as testosterone, testosterone or testosterone) is a steroid hormone secreted by the testicles of men or the ovaries of women. The adrenal glands also secrete a small amount of testosterone, which can maintain muscle strength and quality, maintain bone density and strength, and refresh And improve physical fitness and so on.

There are many uses for testosterone, such as:

Medical use: It is used for the replacement therapy of anorchidism, the treatment of male menopausal syndrome, impotence and other diseases.

Sports use: increase the number of muscles. Some people who exercise to increase muscle mass use doses that can even reach 250 times the therapeutic dose.

So testosterone is very important for fitness!

A. The volume of muscles and the growth of muscles are inseparable from the help of testosterone, which can increase the latitude of muscles, increase strength levels, accelerate muscle synthesis, and let you gain a good body.

B. Maintaining a higher testosterone hormone level helps you have a higher muscle mass and a lower body fat rate. On the contrary, the lower your testosterone hormone level, the lower your muscle content, the higher your body fat rate.

Testosterone levels are also closely related to your body fat rate. A study showed that the testosterone level of experimenters was reduced to the lowest level, and the fat increased by an average of 35%. On the contrary, too high body fat rate will also affect the testosterone level.

The effects of testosterone on human exercise are extremely diverse. For fitness, it has the most important role in regulating muscle growth. Testosterone directs the body's transport system to transport amino acids, sugars and other substances to the muscles for repair, synthesis, and reinforcement, so that our muscles grow. At the same time, testosterone can greatly improve our sports endurance and anti-fatigue ability, so testosterone is also a hormone that is the focus of physical training.


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