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What can you eat to grow your muscles?
- Jun 18, 2019 -

We want a strong body, huge muscles are essential, three points to practice seven points, then we should pay attention to what type of nutrients to add, now I want to introduce several major foods. Usually we pay attention to eating these foods every day, which is of great benefit to our muscle growth.

1. Staple food: brown rice. There may be friends who don't know what brown rice is. Professionally speaking, brown rice refers to whole grains that are retained except for the outer shell. Brown rice contains more amino acids needed for human muscle growth. Simply put, brown rice helps us to promote the growth of our muscles.

2. Vegetables: Cabbage. Also called cabbage, cabbage is also called cabbage. Its vitamin C content is the highest among the vegetables we usually eat. Studies have shown that people with adequate vitamin C supplementation have a much reduced risk of muscle damage during exercise.

3. Meat: steak. Although the price of meat has been soaring in recent times. But the nutrients in the steak are better at making muscle than other proteins. In detail, meat chops can help promote testosterone secretion, while testosterone can improve muscle synthesis.

4. Snacks: ice cream, chocolate. Ice cream is rich in calcium, and chocolate can provide you with magnesium. It is also beneficial to eat some snacks in peacetime.


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