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What are the effects of T3 (or Cytomel) for weight loss?
- Nov 12, 2021-

T3 (or Cytomel) can greatly increase the metabolic rate and accelerate the cell metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If the body cannot secrete enough thyroid hormones, such as hypothyroidism, the metabolic rate cannot be normal. Patients with hypothyroidism usually gain fat, which is extremely difficult to lose fat, loses energy, and even loses hair. These problems can be solved using T3.

The dose of T3 used in the treatment of hypothyroidism is generally not large, which may not necessarily accelerate fat loss, but can restore the metabolic rate to normal. Athletes will increase the dose to directly accelerate fat loss, and T3 (Cytomel) combined with a calorie control diet will greatly accelerate the fat loss process. Although very effective, T3 (Cytomel) is best used with steroids. T3 is one of the strongest fat-reducing drugs, but it directly consumes ATP, making users sleepy and weak. Decreased high-dose T3 and ATP will cause muscle loss. At this time, the body will consume various things to meet energy needs, including muscles, so it is very necessary to use anabolic steroids when using T3.

The role of T3 (Cytomel):

Regardless of hypothyroidism patients or athletes, the use of T3 (Cytomel) can reduce fat. The use of T3 restores the metabolic rate of hypothyroid patients to a normal level. Of course, athletes take T3 to lose fat faster.

After using T3 (Cytomel), you still have to control calories, eat a healthy diet, and the principle that the fat loss period consumes more than your intake has not changed. If you eat more than you consume, it doesn't matter how much T3 you use. But with T3, calorie intake can be a little more, because the extra hormones increase the metabolic rate and can consume more calories.

T3 and growth hormone HGH (especially high-dose) share many benefits. There are data showing that high-dose growth hormone HGH can reduce the secretion of T3. At this time, supplementation of exogenous T3 is not necessary, but it is meaningful to use it. In any case, using T3 and growth hormone to lose fat is definitely much faster, and if you add the beta-2 stimulant clenbuterol, it will be faster.

The last property of T3 is related to anabolism. Someone pointed out that it can increase the anabolism of steroids. The reason is that steroids can make people use more carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. As I said before, T3 improves the metabolism of these nutrients.

In theory, combining them can help overall progress, but there is no convincing evidence for this. T3 is still mainly used for fat reduction.


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