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What are the clinical effects of Stanozolol?
- Sep 25, 2020 -

1. Testicular insufficiency (anorchidism, cryptorchidism) during the replacement therapy with Stanozolol can promote the development of the penis and secondary sexual characteristics. If combined with chorionic gonadotropin for the treatment of cryptorchidism, the testicles can be lowered from the hidden place.

2. Functional uterine bleeding mainly constricts uterine muscle fibers and uterine blood vessels through anti-estrogen effects, and exerts a hemostatic effect due to endometrial atrophy. It is especially suitable for menopause.

3. The application of Stanozolol to metastatic breast and ovarian cancer can often temporarily relieve symptoms. The principle of action is unknown. It may be related to its anti-estrogen effect. It may also inhibit the secretion of pituitary gonadotropin through feedback, thereby reducing the ovarian secretion of estrogen. Uterine fibroids are treated with androgens, which can often inhibit the continued growth of fibroids, which may also be related to their anti-estrogens.

4. Aplastic anemia The treatment of aplastic anemia and other causes of anemia may improve the bone marrow hematopoietic function, especially red blood cell production, but the effect is slow. The course of treatment lasts 5-6 months. Some cases may relapse after stopping the drug, but remission can still be achieved after resuming treatment.


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