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What are the benefits of Methandienone/ Dianabol ?
- Apr 11, 2017-

What are the benefits of Methandienone/ Dianabol ?

1,One of the more famous steroids of them all is oxandrolone. It’s more commonly known as Anavar, as this was its brand name when the pharmaceutical company Searle launched it in 1964. It offered several therapeutic properties which have been discovered through the years.

2,It helped people gain weight. Weight loss is often the result of some surgical operation, or ailment such as AIDS.

3,Anavar reviews written by medical doctors have also stated that it helps in treating osteoporosis. It promotes bone density, and it also counters some of the osteoporosis side effect of corticosteroids used as medication.

4,It also helps in treating hepatitis.

5,It helps children who may be having trouble in their growth and development.

6,Studies also show that it helps in the treatment of burn victims.


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