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What are the benefits of HGH growth hormone (HGH)?
- Oct 12, 2017 -

What are the benefits of HGH growth hormone (HGH)?

1, HGH can make the body of each organ are updated again.

Including the brain, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and other organs, with age these organs are gradually declining. And HGH can make every organ, again re-growth.

2, enhance the body's immunity, reduce the risk of disease. Thymus is the most important immune organ to make the immune system. The function of the thymus is to produce and promote the maturation of T lymphocytes. And T cells are the most important weapon against the disease. At the age of 12, the human thymus began to shrink, to 40 years of age has been shrinking to only a raisins size, to 60 years of age when completely disappeared. HGH can shrink the thymus hyperplasia to the original size so that the body produces more T cells, more antibodies, red blood cells, white blood cells, and natural killer cells to resist disease and various cancers

3, enhance and restore memory, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue, people energetic. Human memory is maintained by the normal signal transduction of brain cells, acetylcholine is mediated by brain cell signaling between an important neurotransmitter. HGH can increase the brain cells of acetylcholine production, promote brain blood vessels to stimulate new brain cells to stimulate the division, growth, repair, and regeneration, so that memory enhancement; HGH can also enhance the spirit, emotional stability, so that mood improved; HGH Promote pineal gland secretion of the pineal voxel, insomnia has a good therapeutic effect.


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