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Ten little knowledge of fitness, do you know?
- Jul 19, 2017-

We all know that fitness if blindly, will only be counterproductive, love fitness you need to continue to learn professional knowledge and skills in order to achieve the desired effect! The following ten fitness small knowledge, you know?

1, if you want to consume 1 pound of fat, it requires 3500 kcal of calories, because 1 pound of fat is equal to 3500 kcal of calories.

2, running on the treadmill, if you hand hold the treadmill handrail, will directly lead you less consumption of 20% of the heat.

3, if fasting 12 hours, your basic metabolic level will be reduced by 40%, so by diet to lose weight is equivalent to do no work, and the body will be getting worse.

4, do push-ups when the upper body raised your own at least 65% of the weight.

5, when the body weight for each additional 1 kg, when you walk the knee will need to bear more than 3 kg of pressure, you run on the knee when you need to bear more than 10 kg of pressure.

6, which body the strongest muscle? The heart is the strongest muscle of the body!

7, even if you are very thin, your body fat rate may also be in a higher, unhealthy range, because the body not only includes subcutaneous fat, as well as visceral fat.

8, when you add 1 kg of muscle, it will help you consume 110 kcal of calories every day.

9,90% of the marathon runners are very thin legs, so the sisters do not have to worry about running will make calf thicker.

10, in China, only 13% of the male body can be considered well-proportioned, you in this 13%?


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