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Tadalafil or sildenafil, which one is better?
- Jul 26, 2021 -

So how to choose Tadalafil and Sildenafil? Let's take a look at the difference between the two:

1. High efficiency: Compared with sildenafil, tadalafil can significantly improve the ED symptoms of patients;

2. Safety: Both have the possibility of causing adverse reactions after taking, but the incidence of tadalafil is relatively low;

3. Long-acting: The effective time of tadalafil can be up to 36 hours, allowing patients to freely choose their life time; while sildenafil is continuous, generally 4 to 5 hours after taking the medicine, the effect is Disappeared

4. Improve psychology: Tadalafil does not have the pressure caused by a fixed time limit after taking the drug, and embarrassing situations will not occur in daily life when there is no sexual stimulation; while sildenafil needs to be in the beginning of the drug effect Immediately after

5. Coverage of patients: Tadalafil is not only effective for patients with ED, but also for patients with diabetes or cardiovascular disease after taking it; and sildenafil has many contraindications;

6. Market share: the rising star-tadalafil, has been in a leading position in the global market share in recent years;

7. Influencing factors: There are few factors influencing the efficacy of tadalafil. Drinking alcohol or a high-fat diet usually does not affect the efficacy of the drug.

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