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Summer fitness What should you pay attention to?
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Hot weather so that most people do not love activities, but in fact, the summer is actually a good season for fitness. As long as the movement to learn to avoid disadvantages, to protect themselves, you can grasp the summer of this opportunity to make themselves stronger.


Summer sports fitness common mistakes, pay attention to what Oh

(A) should not immediately stop to rest:

Strenuous exercise when the blood is more concentrated in the limb muscles. As the limb muscles to contraction, will make a lot of venous blood quickly return to the heart, the heart and then the nutrient arteries to the body, blood circulation fast.

(B) should not immediately a lot of water:

After vigorous exercise, if a large number of excessive drinking water, will make the blood salt content decreased.

(C) should not immediately wash cold bath, swimming, hair or air conditioning:

Strenuous exercise just one end, immediately use the fan blowing, into the air conditioning room or cool in the cool outlet. This will take away the body a lot of heat, so that the skin temperature drop too fast, through the nervous system reflex activity, will cause upper respiratory tract vasoconstriction, nasal cilia swing slow, reduce the local disease resistance.


(D) should not immediately drink beer:

After vigorous exercise, it was the beer when the water big mouth to drink, it is easy to make a sharp increase in blood uric acid lead to gout.

(5) should not eat immediately:

Strenuous exercise, because the blood is concentrated in the limb muscles and respiratory system, etc., and digestive organs of the blood is relatively small, digestion and absorption capacity is poor, after exercise after a period of time to adjust, digestion function can gradually return to normal.


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