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Should you need IGF-1LR3 to help you strengthen your meat?
- Feb 18, 2019-

Studies have suggested the following:

A typical protocol would be:

50-100mcg of IGF-1 Lr3 divided into 1-2 bilateral administrations in 2-5 different areas of the muscles approximately 5-7 days a week – intramuscular injections.

For example, if you want to administer 100mcg of IGF-1 Lr3 into the chest in 2 different areas of the muscle then you would need to divide the dose as follows:


100mcg per administration / 2 chest muscles = 50mcg per muscle

50mcg per muscle / 2 different locations on each muscle = 25mcg per injection

Studies have also suggested the following:

Administration should not be given within 2 hours after training in order not to reduce natural IGF-1 production.

Administration should not be given within 2 hours before sleeping in order not to reduce natural growth hormone production.

After administering, adequate protein needs to be ingested for IGF-1 to be effective in building new muscle.


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