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Nandrolone Decanoate development and role.
- Oct 24, 2017-

In earlier years, testosterone and nandrolone were the only pharmaceutical injectables that were both released available to bodybuilders and economical. Estrogen control did not exist exist. For this reason, Deca's low aromatizing properties were then quite useful. Deca therefore won wide popularity.

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Sterile Hormone Nandrolone Decanoate / Deca-Durabolin / 19-Nortestoterone decanoate / DECA powders / CAS No: 360-70-3, Use after surgery for chronic wasting disease, serious illness, and weak thin, infirm, osteoporosis, infantile dysplasia, aplastic anemia etc.


Deca Durabolin is that this compound is more mild in terms of adverse side effects on the scalp and skin. This is because the 5-alpha reductase enzyme acts to reduce the potency of nandrolone, while in contrast many other anabolic steroids are unaffected by this enzyme , and testosterone's potency is actually increased by it.


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