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Many customers don’t know how to inject hgh for better results?
- Nov 19, 2021 -

A regular cycle of growth hormone lasts 5-8 months, and it is injected once or twice a day, 7 days a week. At the same time, studies have shown that the inhibition and negative feedback reaction from exogenous growth hormone is very short-lived (about 4 hours after the injection time point). Research from anti-aging organizations has shown that during long-term use of growth hormone, two days of rest a week can protect the pituitary gland. Therefore, if you will use growth hormone as a way of life, I would consider using the 5on2off or 6on1off strategy. Until we have reliable data to prove that long-term use of growth hormone will not affect the output of the pituitary gland. I personally tried all the injection strategies I can imagine and devise. All I can say about the anti-aging doctor's hypothesis is that it is all proven and works on me. I recently ended a 7-year growth hormone cycle. I will test for platelets every six weeks. After stopping growth hormone for a few months, my body level has improved a lot compared to a few years ago...compared to my age. All levels and marked values are completely healthy and normal.

Another option is to use growth hormone for 2 months continuously to make your IGF-1 level rise rapidly, help you build an anabolic environment, and then return to 5on2off. If your body can tolerate the side effects of high-dose growth hormone, the strategy of injecting growth hormone every other day is also a good choice.

Injection time point

The human body produces growth hormone in a pulsed manner. The strongest growth hormone pulse in the day occurs about 2 hours after you fall into deep sleep. The injection of growth hormone is completely absorbed and used after about 3 hours. So the injection time depends on our age and some other factors. As you will see below, there is no perfect time point. It depends largely on your personal circumstances.

For those 20-50 years old, the growth hormone secreted by their bodies is still at a reasonable level. Therefore, for them, the best injection time is in the early morning... because your body itself releases the growth hormone pulse at night, if you get up early in the morning to go to the bathroom (3-5am), this may be the perfect injection of growth hormone Point in time. This is the time when the injection of growth hormone is the least destructive. The second best time is to wake up in the morning.

If you split the dose into two injections, the second time is when your cortisol level is at its peak, which is about when you wake up in the afternoon. You can inject the second growth hormone at this time. Because cortisol will catabolize growth hormone, injection at this time can inactivate its effect.


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