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Is Human Growth Hormone HGH Dangerous?
- Jul 29, 2019 -

To quickly answer this question, Human Growth Hormone HGH is not considered to be dangerous. Amidst all the bene ts of HGH, there are some stigmas that still exist, and the media has portrayed this hormone in a negative light. Where Human Growth Hormone HGH replacement therapy can become dangerous lies within self administering the hormone without any supervision, with incorrect dosing, and improper guidance.


Is Human Growth Hormone HGH Replacement Therapy A Substitute For Healthy Lifestyle?

Although Human Growth Hormone HGH has been looked at as the “miracle drug” or the “Fountain of Youth”, it should never be the replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Any medical professional will recommend a combination of a healthy diet and exercise, in order achieve the most results from HGH. Those who do not exercise, for example, will still achieve fat loss, but will do so at a much slower rate than someone who combined the hormone with consistent exercise.



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