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删除Increase muscle and Reduce fat of ten errors
- Jul 03, 2017 -

Hot summer, good-looking short-sleeved clothes have baked, but slightly convex of the small belly can only make you look clothes sigh? Want to thin belly, want to become more solid, that strength training must be less! But before the strength of training, first write off some of the wrong concept of fat reduction, to avoid their own success and less than the desired results, let us take a look at it!

Misunderstanding 1: focus on reducing fat

Misunderstanding 2: muscle will become fat?

Misunderstanding 3: do strength training, muscle president too big

Misunderstanding 4: Women's training should be different from men

Misunderstanding 5: the more the better

Misunderstanding 6: do the local action can reshape the muscles

Misunderstanding 7: stereotypes repeated times, increase the number of repeated times less

Misunderstanding 8: strength training so that you become strong, heart and lung cycle training so that you thin

Misunderstanding 9: can not simultaneously raise muscle and minus fat

Misunderstanding 10: diet limited


If there is no effect on the basis of the above or you pursue higher, we recommend that you use some auxiliary drugs, such as steroids, testosterone, hgh,Clenbuterol,DNP(2,4-dinitropheno),Sibutramine and so on. it can make you faster to achieve your goal.

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