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How will we use and store Nolvadex 20mg?
- Jun 20, 2022-

How will we use and store Nolvadex 20mg?

Take Nolvadex as directed by your doctor, the usual dose is 20mg of Nolvadex per day, two 10mg Nolvadex tablets or one 20mg tablet. Some people need to take 40mg a day, your doctor will tell you if necessary.

Swallow the tablet whole, do not chew or crush the tablet.

Take it at about the same time each day, before or after meals.

Do not take Nolvadex too much or too little, or more than your doctor tells you to. Eating too much may increase the likelihood of side effects, and taking too little may not improve your condition.

If you miss a dose, remember to take it as soon as possible and do not take two doses at the same time. If you are not sure what to do, talk to your doctor.

How should we store Nolvadex 20mg tablets?

Keep Nolvadex tablets in the package until you need to take them.

Keep out of the reach of children, store at room temperature (15~30°C), avoid direct sunlight, and do not store in humid places, where heat or moisture may cause the drug to break.

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