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How to use kigtropin?
- Mar 31, 2020 -

How to use kigtropin?

Prior to administration, a sterile vial of 1 ml of water was added to the lyophilized powder to slowly reconstitute the human growth hormone vial along the wall. Gently shake it to fully dissolve the powder to give a clear solution. Do not violently shake.

For anti-aging, general health and treatment, fat mobilization, a dose of 3-5 IU per day is sufficient for most. 5 to 10 IU are considered to be doses for those in their middle age and beyond the complete replacement dose.

To achieve lean muscle and substantially improve body composition, a daily dose of 4-8 IU is necessary. Most people will use a daily dose of 5-10 IU, which is very good. The biggest benefit in this regard, increased testosterone, insulin and low dose T3 will be seriously considered. More on this comparison cycle guide in our HGH / Insulin / IGF.

The recommended dose for injection is 0.1-0.15 IU / kg / day, while the injection and injection site should be changed frequently before going to bed every day to prevent fat atrophy on the spot, or as recommended by your doctor.


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