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How to use hgh correctly?
- May 28, 2021 -

How to use HGH: hgh freeze-dried powder, sterilizing water, syringe

     Step 1: Take out the special syringe (before use, both ends are sealed, if there are signs of opening, please do not use), unscrew the two protective caps (the red head is the needle and the white head is the pumping pressure).

     Step 2: Scratch the sterile water, and slowly draw in the sterile water with a syringe (do not let air into the syringe) to the 35 mark of the syringe. Open the cap of the auxin powder plastic bottle and slowly pour the sterilizing water into it (in an emergency, inject slowly to prevent the liquid from spraying out), and leave it aside for about 2 minutes to dilute it (do not shake the medicine during the shelving process to prevent bubbles from being generated) .

     Step 3: After the dilution is completed, use a syringe to slowly inject a tube of air into the bottle (slowly inject to prevent bubbles from being generated), leave it for a while (do not shake), and then slowly draw out the liquid medicine with the syringe and inject it under the belly skin.

【Usage and Dosage】Dosage: 4-4.5IU/45-85kg/time, 3-4 days/time Usage: The specific injection method is the same as the insulin injection method. Subcutaneous injection, subcutaneous injection in the abdomen before going to bed at night, the injection site should be changed frequently to prevent lipoatrophy or follow the doctor's advice.

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