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How to train a good hip line in the gym?
- Jul 23, 2019 -

Method / Step 1:

Doing a pull ring exercise. In the gym, this pull ring is to exercise the muscles of the arms, but as long as you are kneeling, the thighs should be kept parallel as much as possible. Doing this pull ring exercise can exercise the buttocks well. Do 50 times.

Method / Step 2:

Load half a mile. With both hands, you can hold two dumbbells of the same weight, so that you can apply pressure to your buttocks. Hold for 10 minutes.

Method / Step 3:

Half a weightlifting. Hold the barbell with both hands and slowly lift it up to the chest, then slowly lower it to exercise the buttocks muscles to make the line more perfect. Do 30 times.

Method / Step 4:

Shoulder weightlifting. Use the strength of your shoulders and your arms to lift weight. Every time you kneel, you should be as close to the ground as possible, so that the exercise makes the hip line more tilted. Do 30 times.

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