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How to plan your fitness path?
- Jul 11, 2017 -

How to plan your fitness path?

1, weight loss:

Weight loss plan in the muscle plan is not the same, but it should be noted that: adjust the training and reasonable diet.

When you lose weight, you need to do more aerobic exercise and high strength strength training to help you consume your daily calories. In the diet, you need to reduce your appetite, know how to arrange a diet.

Before learning you already know that you need to eat foods rich in protein and fruits and vegetables, but we all understand the most difficult things to adhere to after the implementation. You have to keep going.

2, by muscle:

If you feel very muscular after training, prove that your training is very effective. Then slowly you will find the same weight and way to stimulate your muscles may be soreness is not obvious, then you need to increase the weight and increase the intensity of training, always keep the pain after training.

These soreness will slowly disappear with the recovery of muscle and growth, repeated sore repeated process of growth you will feel very interesting, you will see your growth will soon!


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