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How to lose weight correctly?
- Nov 30, 2018-

The people I want to lose weight may have a feeling. If you only rely on diet to lose weight, the result will not only lose weight, but also rebound more.

No strength how to lose weight! How to lose fat without energy! Otherwise, you are not in fitness, you are self-abuse! Today, Xiaobian will come to check the misunderstanding of dieting for you. Why can't you lose weight by not eating?


do not eat carbohydrates

The so-called "carbohydrate" is a pasta such as rice and steamed bread. When I first started using this method, because I did not eat carbohydrates, the body produced a large amount of ketone bodies, which caused the body to be slightly dehydrated, so I felt that my body weight was quickly reduced. However, after a long time, there will be no effect. The long-term lack of carbohydrates (sugars) will lead to incomplete burning of fat, resulting in a burden on the liver and kidneys.


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