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How to control muscle breakdown after exercise?
- Jun 30, 2017 -

How to control muscle breakdown after exercise?

It is now widely believed that after 30 minutes of vigorous exercise is the golden time of intake of amino acids, it is because of this time the growth hormone secretion is very strong. This view has been commonplace for 10 years, all kinds of sports players regard this as a habit. "Replenishing proteins within 30 minutes after exercise" is equivalent to "fast repair of damaged muscles in exercise".

Continued research found that not only in the movement, even after the movement stopped the muscles will continue to break down, and "in the golden time intake of glucose", but can inhibit the decomposition of the muscles. It is because the intake of glucose, will increase the secretion of insulin in the body, the body will know "do not have to break down the muscles to synthesize glucose."

But with the sugar fructose, although the glucose isomers, after intake but no such effect. In order to improve the body function, "at what time", "what" is very important.


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