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How to choose the correct mask during the epidemic?
- Apr 07, 2020 -

1.Choose the right type of mask

Medical protective masks should be the first choice for medical workers, and ordinary degreasing gauze masks should be the first choice for ordinary citizens to use in their daily lives. In special occasions, such as visiting doctors and visiting patients, it is better for ordinary citizens to choose medical masks.

The materials used for masks should be free of odors and harmless to the human body, especially those in contact with the human face. They should be non-irritating and allergic.

2. Choose a regular manufacturer

For the prevention of influenza, we usually choose ordinary non-fat gauze masks or medical protective masks, which need to be purchased from various outlets of legally operated medical stores or from manufacturers with health licenses or medical device registration certificates.

3.Select qualified masks

When choosing a mask, it depends on whether there is a trade name on the packaging, whether there is information about the manufacturer or supplier, whether there is a mask certificate or instructions for use. Disposable masks must have a one-time indication, and reusable medical protective masks must be marked with a method of sterilization. In general, ordinary gauze masks must be marked as normal or disinfected.

4. Don't forget to check the appearance when choosing a mask

This is a problem that we tend to ignore when choosing a mask. First of all, we must check whether the packaging of the mask is complete and whether it is damaged. There must be no holes or stains on the surface of the mask. Medical protective masks should not have exhalation valves. For tight arch masks, the lateral diameter is not less than 14cm, and the longitudinal diameter is not less than 14cm; the length of the medical protective rectangular mask is not less than 17cm, and the width is not less than 17cm; the length of the ordinary degreasing gauze mask is not less than 17cm, the width is not less than 13cm, The number should not be less than 12 layers. In addition, we must remind everyone that if you choose a medical mask, remember to have a nose clip. The nose clip is made of bendable plastic material and the length is not less than 8.5cm.




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