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How to burn fat faster?
- Sep 15, 2017 -

How to burn fat faster?

When you exercise when the heart beat faster, the circulatory system to speed up the metabolic system to speed up the body's energy consumption will speed up, fat burning speed will naturally speed up. If you can continue to improve your metabolic system, not only in the movement, and when you do not exercise when the metabolic system is also in high-speed operation, then you are faster and more effective than other people 24 hours a day burning fat.

The body's metabolic system is like a car engine, fat is gasoline, when you drive (that is, sports) when the car burning gasoline, when you stop the flame when the car does not burn gasoline, and if the park after the engine Run, and not turn off, although your car did not move, but your engine will continue to burn gasoline.


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