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How to adjust the breathing when fit?
- Apr 21, 2017 -

How to adjust the breathing when fit?

Bodybuilding exercise is a mainly aerobic metabolism, anaerobic metabolism supplemented by the movement. Exercise requires the practitioner to master the correct breathing method, or easy to produce dizziness, nausea, premature fatigue and so on. Here to the fitness enthusiasts to introduce several correct breathing.

1.Synchronous breathing method

Every time a move to carry out a breath, breathing is completed in the process of action.

2. Non-synchronized breathing

The breathing frequency is not equal to the number of actions, and the breathing is carried out during the intermittent action.

3. Free-regulated breathing method

In the small intensity training, breathing often use free regulation. "Heel", "jogging", "ride power from the car" when the general use of this method to breathe.

In short, fitness practice breathing style should change with the action. The correct breathing not only to play the role of "oxygen", but also to fix the shoulder strap, play a role in adjusting the position and help to complete the important role of action.


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