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​How to achieve through the aerobic exercise to increase the purpose of muscle?
- Jul 17, 2017-

Limit the aerobic exercise outside the strength exercise to 3 times a week, every 30 minutes. This can both keep the health of the cardiovascular system without causing possible muscle loss, and the best two aerobic forms of exercise include rowing with any speed of repetition.

In order to maximize the development of muscle, experienced weightlifters practitioners usually divide the body into several groups to practice (such as chest, triceps; lower limbs, trapezius, biceps). 3 days after the rest of the day, and then start the next cycle. In the muscle growth stage should not limit the intake of calorie intake, because only the body in a "positive balance" of the state, the muscle is likely to grow.

In addition, try to avoid the power of practice and running on the same day, because running will consume a lot of heat, so that muscle can not have the opportunity to grow. When the body is in the energy "negative balance" state, the muscles will be the first energy consumption, and then turn the fat. If you have to work hard on the same day and do aerobic, at least have to practice strength, while the physical and energy are at peak, so that the muscles are fully stimulated.

With the increase in muscle composition, the body's metabolic rate will be increased, which will be more conducive to the consumption of body fat.


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