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How long does it take to warm up for fitness?
- Nov 21, 2017-

The warm-up time varies from person to person and weather.

In general, the warm-up is not sufficient, you can from two points: "whether the slight sweating (body temperature rise, heart rate rise)" and "the main movement will use the muscles and joints are fully active."

From the warm-up to the "slight sweating" this time, everyone is not the same, some people will soon open, but some people need to spend a longer time, may be with age, physical, sports frequency, activity , Temperature (room temperature) and so have a relationship, there is no so-called [standard] time.

The movement of choice to low-intensity type of the main, after all, the body has no activity to direct contact with high-intensity exercise, the risk of injury will increase substantially, so it is generally recommended to low-intensity movement. You can jog, step on the bike, elliptical machine, boating machine and so on.

If the exercise time is limited, but it takes a long time to warm up, you can try to wear more clothing (passive warm way) to carry out.

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