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How is the summer fitness?
- Jul 26, 2017-

Summer high temperature consumption of the human body, physical energy consumption is often not timely supplement, the body is often relatively weak. Excessive exercise will lead to low blood sugar, decreased resistance, serious will lead to fainting, but adverse health, summer fitness, especially to grasp the amount of exercise. Do not overtake the movement, especially for long-term do not participate in sports exercise, to gradually increase the intensity of exercise, it is best to gradually improve the duration and intensity of exercise. Can be extended from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, the use of 5 pounds of dumbbell replaced with 8 pounds. Just do not have to do it at once, time and intensity to take one of them on the line. It is best to adhere to 30 to 45 minutes a day exercise, 30 minutes the best, and people who have the desire to lose weight can be extended to about 40 minutes of exercise time.


Summer weight loss is more obvious, many people will choose to lose weight in the summer, but if blindly pursue weight loss, and do not pay attention to the choice of diet and sports to make reasonable arrangements, and sometimes counterproductive.

In addition, the summer weather will become hotter, but many people still choose to carry out the high intensity of fitness activities, resulting in low blood sugar, decreased resistance, light dizziness, severe fainting. Summer fitness can consume large, choose the appropriate sports, the amount of exercise intensity combined with a reasonable diet can really play the purpose of fitness, a large number of outdated exercise and eating habits on the body useless.


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