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How is the correct fitness?
- Apr 10, 2017-

How is the correct fitness?

1, 15 minutes to warm up

Start with ease, easy movement, don't too fast increase strength, let the body sweating slightly.Obese people may choose to bike, elliptical machine and other equipment to warm up, in order to reduce the impact of the joints.

2, note that joint tensile before movement

Stretching before exercise, the purpose is to reduce the viscosity of the muscle, increase blood flow to the muscles, improve athletic performance, and reduce the occurrence of sports injury.The rotation of the shoulder joint, twisting the waist and knee, wrist, ankle, let the body reach the excitement level.

3, 60 minutes of subject training

Lung function (running, jumping), muscular endurance, barbell, dumbbell, aerobic exercise (running), anaerobic exercise (weight), balance (balance), according to individual's physical condition to adjust focus.General fitness can be 20 ~ 45 minutes first strength exercises, then to 20 ~ 45 minutes of aerobic training, control the overall fitness time 1 hour or so.

4, don't ignore relaxation exercises

Give priority to with stretch.Method is static stretching, each part can repeat 2 ~ 3 times, each time to maintain 15 to 30 seconds.In addition, the equipment in the process of training, also want to muscle stretch to the target.

5, don't rush to take a bath after training

Don't wash bath after training, have a rest, such as no longer sweating, wash in warm water.Gym sauna is the most vulnerable places, after the intensive training, has a lot of blood to muscles, sauna again at this time, the internal organs and the brain is relatively insufficient supply of blood oxygen, it is easy to appear.

6, scientific supplementary feeding

A small meal should be added after a general in the sports.The index of major added a small amount of protein, high sugar carbohydrates, minerals, etc.To increase muscle fitness crowd, in the gym 1 hour or so to eat a meal.Female bodybuilders and should also be appropriate for weight loss supplement heat. TEST ENAN


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