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How is HCG applied in clinical practice?
- Nov 30, 2020-

(1) It has the functions of FSH and LH, maintains the lifespan of the menstrual corpus luteum, and enlarges the menstrual corpus luteum into pregnancy corpus luteum;

(2) Promote the conversion of androgen aromatization into estrogen, while stimulating the formation of progesterone;

(3) Inhibit the stimulating effect of plant lectins on lymphocytes. Human chorionic gonadotropin can be adsorbed on the surface of trophoblast cells to prevent embryonic trophoblast cells from being attacked by maternal lymphocytes;

(4) LH-like function. Before the fetal pituitary gland secretes LH, it stimulates the fetal testes to secrete testosterone to promote male sexual differentiation; it can also promote gonadal development, stimulate the vitality of testicular stromal cells for men, and increase the secretion of male hormones (testosterone) . It is of great significance to the treatment of male patients with combined pituitary gland defects, not only can promote the development of the gonadal glands and the secretion of male hormones, but also promote the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

(5) It can bind to the TSH receptor of maternal thyroid cells to stimulate thyroid activity.


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