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How health fitness?
- Apr 12, 2017 -

How health fitness?

The present sports fitness become one of the vast majority of people love sports.We are in the process of fitness unavoidably occur accident or loss, sports exercise, sports is bad it will damage to the body.Understanding of sports fitness little common sense, can help you better protect themselves on the movement!

Vigorous exercise and after exercise we don't drinking lots of water

When you in strenuous exercise, the salt content of the body with sweat eduction body outside, then a lot of water will reduce the osmotic pressure of blood, destruction of water and salt balance in the body, which affects the human body normal physiological function, muscle cramps occur even.In addition, a lot of water can make the stomach acid concentration is reduced, affect the digestion.

What time is the best time to exercise?

Research has shown that after 14:00 PM, the human body function began to rise, and reached the highest in the afternoon during the second half of the human body the best the best exercise time to 16:00 to 18:00 PM, but most of time and energy is not easy to focus on this period of time.In addition, appropriate exercise can also start your day in the morning metabolism, and make it keep level within several hours.


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