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How effective is weight loss?
- Sep 06, 2017-

How effective is weight loss?

Aerobic exercise 40-60 minutes plus 20 minutes to assist the strength of practice, at least three times a week, more practice better.

1, aerobic exercise, refers to the intensity of long time, so that heart rate in the maximum heart rate between 60% of the movement, the maximum heart rate is equal to 220 by age.

Aerobics include: running, cycling, dancing, jumping, skipping, swimming, ball activities and many other sports, and even including sex are, just remember that heart rate in this range can be.

Aerobic exercise lasts for at least 20 minutes and is recommended for 40 minutes to an hour.


2, auxiliary strength exercises, such as: waist exercises, leg exercises, chest exercises. These exercises should also ensure that the intensity, strength can not be too much, the number of guaranteed more than 15 times. These exercises can continue to consume fat.

Ladies please rest assured that the intensity of strength exercises can not make your muscles very developed.

Usually as much as possible activities, even if only more than a while, more than two steps, are good for weight loss.


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