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How do you lose your weight?
- Sep 20, 2017 -

How do you lose your weight?

Method 1: continue to adhere to aerobic exercise, or conversion of different aerobic exercise, timely adding muscle movement.

We all know that weight loss will exercise, but many people exercise for some time after the weight loss is not so fast before, or weight stagnation does not decline. This is because the muscles are weight, you start to exercise, the muscles will naturally begin to grow. Although the fat is reduced, but the muscle increased, the weight of the muscle is about 1.6-2 times the fat, but do not worry, because even if your weight is heavy, but your body's metabolism began to improve. As long as you persevere, you can break the stagnation period.

Method 2: After exercise can not be soothing, bath massage skills

After exercise, we will feel the legs are very sour, it means that your muscles just doing anaerobic exercise, lactic acid accumulation in the muscle, if you have to do massage or bath, the lactic acid is easier to be taken away, lactic acid Go to drink a lot of water, the lactic acid exclusion, or accumulation of lactic acid will cause fatigue. And the shower can be drained of lactic acid.

Method 3: diet should be balanced, but also add enough water

The network will have some rumors, "three days thin 4 kg" recipes, but if this long-term go on our health will have an impact? Will there be any effect on weight loss? In fact, the total calories of this recipe is very low, but if you do not eat this recipe, you can control less or less intake of calories, you still thin.


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