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How do you have bodybuilding muscles?
- Jun 09, 2017 -

How do you have bodybuilding muscles?

1, anatomical basis for muscle growth

The thickness of the muscle determines the muscle strength of the university to measure the degree of muscle development, is the physiological cross section of the muscle. In other words, the number of muscle fibers in muscle and stout, muscle physiological cross-section, the muscles will be more developed. Muscle physiological cross section of the impact of acquired factors is great.

Muscle is mainly composed of muscle fibers. Stretching training is to make muscle fibers thicker, increased, the physiological cross-section of the muscle increased, because the training can stimulate muscle fibers, so that the protein synthesis of more powerful metabolism, which for muscle fiber growth provides material guarantee.

2, the physiological basis of muscle growth

Muscle growth is to rely on long-term hard training accumulated. Muscle training in the body when the organization of cells consumed a lot of energy substances, these energy substances only after training through the rest and nutrients to be added, so that nutrients metabolism than catabolism, which can be gradually restored. Recovery in a certain period of time will be more than the original level, there has been the so-called "over-recovery." Practice and research prove that the next training in the over-recovery stage, the effect is the best.

The amount of energy consumed and the speed of recovery are closely related to the intensity of muscle activity. Within a certain range, the greater the amount of muscle activity, the more intense the process of consumption, over-recovery will be more obvious.

The so-called "in a certain range" means that the amount of exercise can not be too large, or ah excessive energy consumption is not easy to recover. Long over too big it will cause excessive training, and even there will be injuries. Only to master and use the law of excessive recovery, to follow the principle of gradual and orderly, so as to make the muscles grow steadily.

3, muscle growth of the biochemical basis

People who exercise regularly exercise compared with our ordinary people, muscle energy substances adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate to more blood vessels will be more abundant, acid resistance and anaerobic glycolysis ability stronger. The higher the level of their training, the more energy reserves, the stronger the ability to exercise, the muscles of the newborn capillaries will be more. Increased capillary volume can increase blood flow in the muscles, and the increase in metabolism also increases the volume of the muscles. So ah only adhere to the long-term movement, in order to strengthen the muscle metabolism of the material, thereby enhancing the muscle energy reserves, so that muscle fiber thickening, increased, muscle block increased.


If there is no effect on the basis of the above or you pursue higher, we recommend that you use some auxiliary drugs, such as steroids, testosterone, hgh and so on. They can make you faster to achieve your goal. If you need to please us.

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