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how can we have a strong muscle ?
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Production Introduction

A strong muscle is every man want to, of course, a muscle for a woman, the attraction is unusually huge, every man wants to muscle, then, how can we have a strong muscle ?

1, for a man who wants a healthy muscle, the diet is the most important one aspect, every day three meals a day is essential, nutrition with uniform, and in addition, like meat, eggs, Can eat more to eat, a lot of added protein.

2, go to the gym to exercise, because you want a strong muscle, so the gym inside the each device, each way to exercise the body, you must have to do, and each group to complete A certain number.

3 ,In addition, you need a very effective plan, not with a head of the flies as blind turn, so there is no good result, you can ask a fitness coach to guide yourself.



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