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Growth hormone powder injection
- Sep 12, 2017-

Growth hormone powder injection

The production process of the powder injection is to introduce the human growth hormone DNA fragment into E. coli in the culture medium. The bacteria were cultured in the seed tank and then fermented in the fermentor. After the fermentation, the cells were collected by centrifugation, and then the recombinant human growth hormone was extracted by the original water disintegration method. After multi-step purification and Sterilized by filtration, to get growth hormone solution.


According to preparation prescription, weighing the required liquid and other required materials, the preparation of protein solution. After the preparation of the solution after the sterilization filter, sterile filter after the start of aseptic filling and semi-stoppage, and then into the freeze-drying machine for freeze-drying, freeze-dried after the end of the whole pressure plug, the product removed after the cover, And eventually get the finished product. Many domestic enterprises such as Zhen Yi and so on the production of growth hormone powder injection. Compared with water injection, powder injection has a strong stability, non-preservative, lower prices and so on.


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