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Do you need Oxandrolone? We have it in stock.
- Sep 18, 2021-

Do you need Oxandrolone? We have it in stock.

Due to the lack of raw materials in the market and the impact of factory production, Oxandrolone was out of stock for half a year. Many customers urgently needed Oxandrolone. However, because the factory lacked raw materials to produce it, the price of Oxandrolone in the market rose a lot.

This time we got 4kg of inventory from the factory, which is too little for customers, but we can only arrange delivery for customers who have already paid, and then we will send up to 500g to some of your old customers. We are sorry to be unable to ship to you this time for customers with high demand and some interested customers.

Except for customers who have already paid, we still have less than 1kg Oxandrolone in stock. If you still need it, please contact us as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that it will be in stock at all times.

Oxandrolone is currently out of stock on the market, and the factory is still not sure when it will be produced, and it may be out of stock for a long time. The current inventory may be sold at any time, so hurry up and order.


If you need  Oxandrolone, please contact us.

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