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Do you know what’s the benefit of weight training?
- May 27, 2017 -

Do you know what’s the benefit of weight training?

By weight to exercise the body can at least make the effect of exercise increased by 20% or more because, weight-bearing exercise has the following effects:

1. increase the strength of the muscles.

2. Increased muscle endurance.

Improve body size.

4. Increased bone, ligament capacity, thickening cartilage tissue, so that muscle capillary density increased.

5. To improve health and fitness.

6. to improve the satisfaction of the movement.

7. Enhance flexibility.

8. Enhance strength and speed.

9. Help reduce stress and stress in your daily life.

10. Create conditions for athletes to achieve good results in the competition (professional bodybuilders get a wealth of income from this project).

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